Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black is Back

Two years ago, hardly anyone would use black as their primary colors for their wedding.  Now we have more and more brides requesting black linens or use of black as the main color in their wedding.  Black and red, black and blue and black and yellow are just some of the combinations we have done lately.  It's a bold look so if you want a color that is unique and different, black can really look lavish when its accented with the right color.

The black and blue combination pictures in this blog were taken by Gloria Plunkett from (http://gloriaplunkett.blogdrive.com/) on Oct 23, 2010.  Nick and Tamara had a blast as their wedding and Nick even sang a song and played bass guitar on the dance floor for Tamara.  They had a beutiful wishing tree that was made by their florist Precious Moments Florist.  The tree was displayed in the lobby and guest would write well wishes for the bride and groom.  It was a really nice touch and a great way to remember their guests. 

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