Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All the Little Details

When Neomi first booked with us, her main concern was the ceremony.  She wanted an outdoor ceremony but was concerned about the weather due to her date being in February.  One of the upgrades that we offer here at Pacific Hills is the draping of the room.  It not only makes the room more elegant and upscale but it totally transforms the room into a blank canvas that you can do whatever you want with.  The design concept that she wanted was an enchanted feel but yet something different that her guests had never seen.  We had numerouse meetings about how the candles should be or how the menu cards should look like or how she wanted to display some photos of her and Andy.  The best thing about all this was is she had the great ideas and Andy was the great "handy-man" that made it all happen. 

We were in charge of the flowers and the decor something that really makes our venue unique versus others.  The final decision was manzanita trees for every other table and glass floral centerpieces for the rest of the tables. We suggested that she use her florals for the ceremony and we would then move them to the reception room.  Not only did this save her money but it also enabled her to use her dollars else where.  She also hired the great team of Elsa and Melissa from (http://www.me-eventsanddesign.com).  They did a phenominal job of making sure everything went smoothly!!!

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