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Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Weddings

Summer is here and it’s full bloom wedding season for so many bride and grooms to be. The summer months are always a beautiful time to have a wedding and especially when it comes to California weddings you just can’t go wrong.

Here at Pacific Hills we absolutely enjoy the summer months with bride and grooms who have relatives on summer vacation, college students back from school all in attendance for their special day. Orange County, California is one of the best locations to have a wedding. The weather is pretty great all year round and besides the great weather there are great travel and leisure experiences for guests to enjoy so if they fly in for a wedding they can also have a great vacation in surrounding cities and beaches.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great Review!!!

Thank you Christina for the amazing review, it was our pleasure:

I had my wedding at Pacific Hills on April 14, 2012 and I was extremely pleased with the overall turnout. From day one, David was very welcoming, amicable, and helpful. He listened to my every need and worked with me and my budget to make every aspect of my dream day possible. David always replied to my calls and emails in a prompt fashion...sometimes I was out shopping for wedding decor and I would call to ask a last minute question, to which he always replied in a helpful and courteous manner. He definitely made me feel like he was there to help with whatever I needed.
Day-of, David greeted me and my guests with enthusiasm, despite the fact that I was late. Him and his team were very hospitable and went above and beyond to make my reception a beautiful, well-organized, and memorable experience. I enjoyed every second of my reception and if I could do it again, I would undoubtedly choose Pacific Hills. David is very good at what he does.

Featured Wedding on Maharani Weddings

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Have you ever gone to a wedding where you wish there was more than just food and cake?  Bride and grooms often want to host a fun filled wedding for their guests to enjoy. Here are some ideas and tips that can add some surprise elements to your wedding celebration.

D.J. or band? Why not both!

Many couples hire dj’s as their primary source of entertainment. D.J.’s are great and can get the guests to party! Other couples chose the option of having a live band to entertain guests. Live bands are always a lively source of entertainment. They bring a different feel to each event.  If your budget allows you can always do both. The D.J. and band can take turns with different segments of the night. Which ever route you chose make sure that you have seen them perform before and that they have adequate equipment to accommodate the spacing of the venue.

Special performances

There are dance companies that will perform at weddings such as Tahitian dancers, lion dancers or Bollywood dancers just to name a few.


Sometimes playing bride/groom games are always fun, it helps the guests to get to know one another and interact with one another.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can’t get enough of the Pink, Black and White’s

We had the pleasure of hosting the wedding of Tanya and Brandon such an adorable and sweet couple. Their love was apparent and the room shouted with joy, love and laughter. Tanya and Brandon had a gorgeous wedding reception in which they had chosen pink, black and white as their choice of colors. We just can’t seem to get enough of this color scheme. We lined the tables with black satin linens, accented it with a bright pink napkin, followed by pink sashes tied to our golden chivary chairs. It was definitely a bold look hot look. The cake was a perfect black and white which was enhanced by the glow of the pink lighting in the room. Cinderella Cakes( did a fabulous job making their wedding cake.

It was a marvelous and fun filled night. We send our congratulations to Tanya and Brandon and thank you for sharing your day with us here at Pacific Hills.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Wedding Myths Busted!

Spring is the time of year most often associated with weddings, so you might feel there are even more expectations about what kind you should have. But we're here as always to tell you that the kind of wedding you should have is the kind that works for you! We've broken down some of the most common assumptions about spring weddings to help you make your own rules.

Myth #1: You Must Use Pastel Colors

Though some spring brides embrace the colors traditionally associated with the season, others cringe at Easter egg-inspired hues. If you find yourself in the latter category, go with a color scheme that fits your style best. Pulling off an unexpected palette gives your wedding an element of surprise that will wow your guests. If you want to go with a seasonally appropriate but still unconventional choice, take the pastels up a few notches and go with brighter hues like hot orange, acid green, and magenta.

Myth #2: You Have To Have Flowers Everywhere

On the one hand, spring is a bride's bonanza for flowers -- a huge variety of blooms are in season and easy to get. But if flowers aren't your thing, there are lots of options for creating interesting and unusual decor. One way is to incorporate other kinds of natural elements into your centerpieces: Think moss, wheatgrass, river rocks, or herbs. While these will still evoke a spring-like feel of freshness and rebirth, there's not a flower in sight. Want something more dramatic? Towering, blooming branches like cherry blossoms, quince, or dogwood look modern and incorporate some flowers without being in-your-face. Best of all, they look great anywhere -- whether on the altar or on your reception tables.

Myth #3: You Have To Have a Daytime Wedding

Dreaming of an evening affair? Don't let the season stop you. Some associate spring with a brunch reception. Brunches are beautiful, but they're not the best option if you want to have an all-out dance party. Though the days are getting longer, you can still wait until sunset (or even later) for your ceremony. If you want a daytime wedding -- particularly outdoors -- go ahead and take advantage of the fair weather. Spring's milder temperatures make a midday wedding much more comfortable than it would be in the heat of summer.

Myth #4: You Have To Stay Inside

We know, we know -- April showers. While in many places early spring (in other words, March) can be unpredictable, don't rule out an outdoor wedding for the entire season. The elements will be a factor in an outdoor celebration at any time of year, but rather than giving up on going al fresco, just plan ahead. When you're looking at ceremony and reception sites, ask what other couples had done as a rain plan and whether any changes needed to be made. Get the details on those other spaces so if you're planning to have 200 guests, you won't choose a site where the indoor space can only hold 120. Another option: Reserve a just-in-case tent.

Myth #5: Your Attire Should Be Informal

The weather's warmer so hemlines can be higher. Sure, your bridesmaids won't have to worry about freezing in tea-length dresses, but it doesn't mean you have to have them. If floor-length is more your style, that's just fine. Same goes for your gown and the guys' attire. Though a light-colored linen suit would be perfectly apropos for some springtime affairs, if a classic tux better suits the tone of your wedding, go for it. No matter what time of year you're marrying in, the main thing that's important is comfort -- so if you love the look of satin dresses but are worried your maids will be melting, choose a similar style in a more forgiving fabric like a silk blend.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Great article on costs and trends in the wedding industry

Since 2007 and have kept tabs on the $74 billion wedding industry by annually surveying nearly 20,000 couples on every detail of their event from the planning process to napkin colors. The results for 2011 are in and, frankly, they’re pretty surprising. We spoke with’s site editor Anja Winikka about the staggering cost of a wedding, what’s replacing traditional wedding cakes and why September was the most popular month to say “I do.” W e know that celebrities' fashion choices have a huge influence on what we all wear. How much of an impact did the royal wedding have on couples' wedding decisions?
I’d say the Kate Middleton effect is huge. The wedding was in the end of April so it really made an impression on people planning winter weddings. We saw a lot of lace, sleeves, ball gowns, more traditional settings and details like having flower girls and a white budding bouquet. But people are still talking about it on message boards. It will impacting the weddings people are having this year for sure.
I can guess the answer to this, but what’s the most expensive place to get married? Manhattan is always the most expensive. That’s not a shock, it’s true. But what’s interesting is that two unexpected places made the “overall wedding spend” list for the first time— the Poconos and Detroit. They came in at Nos. 19 and 20. (Editor's note: See below for a full list of the top 20 cities)
One of the biggest revelations from the survey is the amount of money people are spending on their events. Was this a surprise?
Absolutely. We found that for the first time since 2008 the average wedding budget has increased. In 2008 it was $29,334 per wedding. In 2009 the number went down to $28,385 and even further down to $26,984 in 2010. In 2011 we saw an uptick to $27,021.
Let’s talk about wedding colors. Anything unusual there? Purple is the fastest-growing wedding color. Blue and green have been high on the list for a long time at 30% and 24%, but purple is up to 15% from 21% in 2010 and 16% in 2009. Right now in 2012 we’re seeing a lot of pink weddings, so that might make a jump next.
Classic wedding cakes are on the outs?
The majority of brides (67%) still go for the traditional tiered cakes but cupcakes are gaining in popularity. They’ve gone from 13% in 2010 to 17% in 2011. People think they want a wedding cake but by the time they get around to ordering it, they realize it’s not going to fit in their budget. Cupcakes are a great cost-savings.
According to the survey, our summer weekends may be looking less crowded.
That’s right. Summer is still “wedding season,” but not as much as it used to be. Only 37% of weddings took place in the summer, down from 41%, while fall increased to 36%. One of the reasons was that the dates 9/10/11 and 11/11/11 were hugely popular, so that may have swung the pendulum. Four times as many brides got married on 9/10/11 as opposed to any other Saturday in September. The number phenomenon started back in 7/7/07, another summer Saturday.
Was it an attempt at off-season cost-saving? I think these wedding dates
skewed the numbers, because September is also one of the most expensive times to plan an event. If you’re looking to save money, just like when you’re traveling somewhere and looking to save on a hotel, look for dates during the shoulder season. Exactly when that is depends on where you live. For people in Tucson, for example, the high season is March, April and May, so January and February would be less expensive. For Florida, summer is actually the off-season and winter the most expensive. How about formality. Should guys plan on renting, not buying, tuxes?
We’ve seen a rise in casual weddings— “casual” in terms of dress code and also feel. Think outdoor weddings with mason jars and wild flowers."Semiformal" still reigns at 65% but “casual” increased to 16% from 14%. At the same time “formal/black tie” fell to 16% from 18% back in 2010 and 20% in 2009.
You’re planning a wedding—have you noticed yourself following any of these trends?
I haven’t gotten very far yet, but I’m having a wedding website which the majority of couples now have— 69% in 2011, up from 65% in 2010. And I’ve done a lot of planning on my phone. The survey found that 58% of brides use their smartphones to share wedding-related pictures and 47% use them to look up vendor info. Three-day long “luxury” weddings are more popular. I don’t know if I’d consider mine ‘”luxury” but it will be three days of events, not just a one-day affair.
Top 20 most expensive places to get married (according to and
Based on average wedding spend in 2011, these are the areas around the US where couples spend the most on their wedding:
1. New York City (Manhattan): $65,824
2.Chicago, IL: $53,069
3.NY Metro (Long Island, Hudson Valley and NYC Outer Boroughs): $50,087, $46,560, $40,356
4.Northern/Central NJ and Southern NJ: $46,600, $38,103
5.Rhode Island: $41,307
6.Santa Barbara/Ventura, CA, and Los Angeles, CA: $37,823, $37,690
7.Philadelphia, PA: $37,014
8.Boston, MA: $35,560
9.Southern Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas): $34,465
10.Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland: $34,203
11.Connecticut: $33,789
12.Baltimore, MD: $32,702
13.Northern, CA, San Diego, CA, and Orange County/Inland Empire, CA: $32,261, $30,482, $29,826
14.Hawaii: $31,461
15.Pittsburgh, PA: $29,703
16.Louisiana: $28,790*New to Top 20 List in 2011
17.Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, and Austin/San Antonio, TX: $28,717, $27,459, $27,735
18.California/Nevada (Sacramento, Tahoe and Reno): $28,028
19.Lehigh Valley/Poconos, PA: $27,339*New to Top 20 List in 2011
20.Detroit, MI: $27,017*New to Top 20 List in 2011

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great Video

Here is a great video from one of our weddings by

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Machiline and Anthony's Wedding

Please take a look at a wedding where one of our weddings was featured in blog:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Now this was a fun wedding!!!

One of the biggest compliments we always get about Pacific Hills is that guests truly have a lot of fun here.   No matter how small or large of a budget someone has for their wedding we always tell them that wedding  guests have to have tons of fun.  Lisa's wedding was no different and we were fortunate enough  get some amazing pictures from to prove it.  Please take a look at their website, they do some beautiful work!!! 

                                                              This picture is priceless!!!
                                                            The bride having tons of fun.

Friday, March 2, 2012

How to budget for my wedding

This really is the first question that every couple will need to sit down and answer together. Once you have established a budget and know what you can afford you can then start planning for the big day.
With a cup of coffee or tea sit down and…
1.) Create for yourself a spreadsheet of expenses and itemize it. That way you know exactly how much you have budgeted for that particular item and how much you actually are spending.

2.) Know your guest count (this will determine your venue choice and narrow it down).

3.) Here are the big ticket items of most weddings (venue and catering, bridal attire, entertainment, florist/event design, & photographer)
Venue and Menu:
When searching for a venue, make sure that all of the costs are read through thoroughly. Make sure that if rentals of tables/chairs/linens etc are required for the venue that you have that all accounted for in your budget.
The following link is a good starting point when creating a budget for your wedding and reception.

Captivating the splendor of it black and white

Here at Pacific Hills we truly believe that every wedding is captivating in its own uniqueness. Gail and Joshua exemplifies that uniqueness and we were honored that they chose to host their ceremony and reception here with us.
The ceremony site was enclosed with a soft white draping and the aisle lined with candles which greeted the bride as she walked down to meet her groom Joshua. In every detail of the ceremony their love was apparent and the guests witnessed this beautiful matrimony. Gail and Joshua's guests enjoyed the lovely ceremony. 
In celebration of their union Gail and Joshua had a great night planned for their guests. Guests entered the ballroom with a captivating vision of a room glowing with amber color LED lights which accented and enhanced the black and white decor. It was quite a spectacular vision yet warm and elegant. The tables were decorated with a special white and black linen pattern, favors in a white boxes tied with a black ribbon were placed on each charger, the table was illuminated with candles and in the center of it all a simple yet elegant topiary white floral centerpiece with a black base. The night was still young and so guests went on and from the youngest guest to the eldest guest they all had a wonderful time singing,dancing and celebrating! (for this one insert pictures of the little boy dancing and the line of people doing the train and the singers) Then it was time for the delicious cake.....Gail and Josh cut into a special cake made to accompany their black and white theme, another spectacular element to their night. Guests enjoyed a piece of cake and again lit up the dance floor and celebrated with Joshua and Gail.

                                     Custom runner with Names embroided

              Piping and draping of our Laguna Ballroom to give it a very unique look

                     Perfectly match table clothes, charge, candles, favors and napkins

                            Our custom wrapped columns with accented vases  

                                                 Lounge furniture set-up

                          Cake from Cinderella cake with our upgrades decor package.

                                         Place card table collage

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bijal and Mona's Wedding Video

Below is a link to Bijal and Mona's spectacular wedding video that was held in November of 2011.   The decor for the event was done by Pacific Hills as well.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red and Black

April and Mike had a beautiful wedding at Pacific Hills on February 19.  The ceremony was held in our Newport Ballroom and the reception was held in our Laguna ballroom.  The decor and theme was Black, White and Red.  From the pictures below the place looked fabulous and very are deco.  There was the candy station that guests could not get enough of.  For the place cards April decided to use lollipops with guests names and table numbers on them, very creative and different.  Congrats to April and Mike!!!

                                                        Color coordinated candy station
                                                    Simple but yet very elegant centerpieces

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Frank Salas Photography

Many brides ask us if there areas where they can take photo's at.  These pictures from Frank Salas photography will clearly show that if you have a great photographer there are plenty of places.  Thanks Frank for the great pictures!

                                                                  In our lobby.

                                                                     In our courtyard.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A December event to remember

It was a beautiful ceremony on a cold December day when Allyse and Matthew tied the knot. Although, cold outside their love brought warmth and joy which filled the room and hearts of everyone who attended to witness this special occasion. Allyse walked down an aisle that was lined with chivari chairs and hanging floral balls.....awaiting her at the front under the beautifully decorated arch was the joyful groom. They said their "I do's" and all was ready to celebrate their union.
The new Mr. and Mrs.Summer along with guests entered the reception with a visual of illuminating LED lights and a vast display of extravagance in the details of the decor. With their initials lighted on the wall and their tables decorated and ready to receive guests the room exploded with a joyful celebration.
Thank you to the talented Melody Walker who was their coordinator, she was wonderful to work with the pictures says it all. Thank you to Frank Salas for capturing the beauty of the couple and telling their beautiful story through the extraordinary pictures.
Venue & Caterer:  (Pacific Hills Banquet & Catering)

Thursday, February 2, 2012