Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Booth + Cake Topper

Adam and Kristen wanted every detail of their wedding to be perfect.  There was no doubt that Kristen was in tune with what’s hot, and whats not!  Her party theme…black, white and red was the most highly requested colors of the season!  She also added her personal style and uniqueness to their special event.
Kristen had always dreamed of having a photo booth at her wedding and that is exactly what she got!  She provided each guest with frames to display their photos in.  These cool party favors are a great way for guests to remember the night forever.  
Check out the fabulous cake topper on the cake...we will let the picture speak for itself!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love Inspires Creativity

Rachel and Chris' love not only inspired them to throw a fabulous wedding but this creative duo added a little touch of their love to everything!  
The couple's personalized menus were a stunning pearl white with a simle copper border which undoubtedly complimented their chocolate brown linens.  
Creating their own wedding invitations not only allowed them to share their love with their guests  but also was a wonderful way to save money!  Although it took Rachel and Chris some time to design their perfect wedding invitation, it was well worth the hard work and gave them something to be proud of!