Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great Video

Here is a great video from one of our weddings by www.princeweddings.net:


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Machiline and Anthony's Wedding

Please take a look at a wedding where one of our weddings was featured in weddingwire.com blog:


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Now this was a fun wedding!!!

One of the biggest compliments we always get about Pacific Hills is that guests truly have a lot of fun here.   No matter how small or large of a budget someone has for their wedding we always tell them that wedding  guests have to have tons of fun.  Lisa's wedding was no different and we were fortunate enough  get some amazing pictures from http://www.apicturelife.com/ to prove it.  Please take a look at their website, they do some beautiful work!!! 

                                                              This picture is priceless!!!
                                                            The bride having tons of fun.

Friday, March 2, 2012

How to budget for my wedding

This really is the first question that every couple will need to sit down and answer together. Once you have established a budget and know what you can afford you can then start planning for the big day.
With a cup of coffee or tea sit down and…
1.) Create for yourself a spreadsheet of expenses and itemize it. That way you know exactly how much you have budgeted for that particular item and how much you actually are spending.

2.) Know your guest count (this will determine your venue choice and narrow it down).

3.) Here are the big ticket items of most weddings (venue and catering, bridal attire, entertainment, florist/event design, & photographer)
Venue and Menu:
When searching for a venue, make sure that all of the costs are read through thoroughly. Make sure that if rentals of tables/chairs/linens etc are required for the venue that you have that all accounted for in your budget.
The following link is a good starting point when creating a budget for your wedding and reception.

Captivating the splendor of it all........in black and white

Here at Pacific Hills we truly believe that every wedding is captivating in its own uniqueness. Gail and Joshua exemplifies that uniqueness and we were honored that they chose to host their ceremony and reception here with us.
The ceremony site was enclosed with a soft white draping and the aisle lined with candles which greeted the bride as she walked down to meet her groom Joshua. In every detail of the ceremony their love was apparent and the guests witnessed this beautiful matrimony. Gail and Joshua's guests enjoyed the lovely ceremony. 
In celebration of their union Gail and Joshua had a great night planned for their guests. Guests entered the ballroom with a captivating vision of a room glowing with amber color LED lights which accented and enhanced the black and white decor. It was quite a spectacular vision yet warm and elegant. The tables were decorated with a special white and black linen pattern, favors in a white boxes tied with a black ribbon were placed on each charger, the table was illuminated with candles and in the center of it all a simple yet elegant topiary white floral centerpiece with a black base. The night was still young and so guests went on and from the youngest guest to the eldest guest they all had a wonderful time singing,dancing and celebrating! (for this one insert pictures of the little boy dancing and the line of people doing the train and the singers) Then it was time for the delicious cake.....Gail and Josh cut into a special cake made to accompany their black and white theme, another spectacular element to their night. Guests enjoyed a piece of cake and again lit up the dance floor and celebrated with Joshua and Gail.

                                     Custom runner with Names embroided

              Piping and draping of our Laguna Ballroom to give it a very unique look

                     Perfectly match table clothes, charge, candles, favors and napkins

                            Our custom wrapped columns with accented vases  

                                                 Lounge furniture set-up

                          Cake from Cinderella cake with our upgrades decor package.

                                         Place card table collage