Friday, February 11, 2011

Asian Style Dining

 Doing weddings and events from different cultures definitely exposes you to various traditions and customs.  We have served food for many different ethnicity's including family style dining with Asian food.  In traditional style Asian style dining, the food is served family style.  It consists of 7 - 10 courses or more of some of the best seafood's around.  Each course comes in a platter that can serve 10 guests, talk about having lots of great food.  The first course usually is a cold platter, followed by soup made either with shark fin or crab meat, followed by hot entrees.  You get to eat everything from braised duck, to shrimp to scallops to lobster to beef tenderloin.  Personally we recommend the honey walnut shrimp and the lobster.  So next time you are invited to a wedding that is serving Asian style dining make sure you come hungry!!!

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