Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Advice for Seating Guests at Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception will be a wonderful celebration! Comprised of gorgeous decorations, delicious cuisine, festive entertainment; it will certainly be an event to remember!

However, seeing as your guests will also spend a great deal of time at their tables, you will want to ensure that they are pleased with their seats!

We understand just how important it is to properly plan a wedding reception seating chart! That’s why, here at Pacific Hills Bistro, Banquet & Catering, as an Orange County wedding venue, we have comprised some tips to assist you with planning your own wedding reception seating chart. If you would like to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Singles. You will most likely have an array of single guests attending your big day. And, while you may feel obligated to seat them all together, you should actually avoid doing so, as it could cause them to feel incredibly awkward! Instead, seat a couple single guests at each table, and play matchmaker if the opportunity arises!
  • The Newlyweds. Seeing at it is your big day, you should certainly be the focal point throughout your wedding reception. So, you should sit at your own sweetheart table! This way, your guests can locate you with ease, and you will stand out, just as you should!
  • The Children. Will children be attending your big day? If so, you should consider creating a table just for them! This way, they can enjoy your big day around others their own age. In addition, comprise their table with coloring books and crayons, games, and even glow sticks, as a way to ensure that they are thoroughly entertained!

By properly planning your wedding seating chart, you can ensure that your guests will greatly enjoy your nuptials! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so.

If you are all set to plan your own seating chart within a wedding venue in Laguna Hills, California, please get in touch with us here at Pacific Hills Bistro, Banquet & Catering! With years of experience hosting weddings, we would be pleased with the opportunity to be the setting for yours as well.

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