Monday, November 30, 2020

Tips for Finding Your Wedding Dress on a Budget

Planning a wedding is a big ordeal, but not only is it extravagant in excitement, it is also expensive too! The average cost of a wedding is depressingly high, and cutting costs at every turn can become a necessity. Before you know it, you are cutting your guest list shorter, sacrificing that gorgeous cake d├ęcor, and even choosing to forgo important wedding details that were so precious, if you do not budget correctly.

While cutting costs becomes crucial to staying within your budget, your wedding dress is one wedding element that absolutely should not suffer at the hands of outrageous prices. You deserve to wear the dress of your dreams as you marry the person of your dreams.

Here at Pacific Hills Bistro, Banquet & Catering, as an Orange County wedding venue, we know that every bride deserves to find the one dress that is perfect for their big day! That is why we have put together a few tips to help you find your own wedding dress on a budget. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

  • Determine Your Budget. Shopping for your dress can be such an exciting experience. Your closest friends will flock to the boutique with you and coo over how stunning you look in each dress. However, if you are shopping outside of your budget, you will only be left with a broken heart. Finding a dress that exceeds your budget, and falling in love, can ruin your dress buying experience. Search around and find affordable dress shops that are within your budget. That way, when you find the dress of your dreams, you will be able to afford it and will not have to leave it behind for another bride.
  • Consider Renting. It may be appealing to be the first and only person to ever wear your dress. But how appealing is it to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a dress that you will end up keeping wrapped up in the closet? That is money that could go to your honeymoon or that extra cake tier. Your wedding dress is such an important part of your big day and it can be the most fun element to shop for. Simple dresses often end up being too expensive for comfort while high-end brands could make a wealthy person blush. Renting your dress allows you to reach for the stars and find a high-end dress at a fraction of the cost.
  • Create Your Dress. The dress you choose will surely possess beautiful details that express your unique style. It will show who you are and will likely fit a style that is appealing to your figure. It is so unbelievably important that you don’t sacrifice important dress elements for a more affordable dress that is not really “you”. So, know that you can choose a plain, cheaper wedding dress, and adorn it with beautiful details on your own! Whether you choose to place rhinestones or pearls among it, or utilize a colorful sash, you can create your gown to appear how you would like on your own, which in the end will be much cheaper!

Today, it is important to stay within a budget, which can make it harder for you to find the perfect dress. However, with these tips, you can discover your dream gown on a budget!

In addition to purchasing your wedding dress, you will also need to book a wedding venue in Laguna Hills, California! So, please contact us here at Pacific Hills Bistro, Banquet & Catering, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to host your big day.

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