Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Current Bridal Beauty Trends for Your Wedding Day

Preparing a flawless look for your wedding day is a given. After combing through many different sources of inspiration for the perfect hairstyle, makeup, and attire, you will have created your perfect wedding look. Every element has been tied together to develop a cohesive appearance that showcases your personality and complements your wedding theme.

However, with so many different ways you could adorn yourself with makeup and style your hair, it could pose as difficult to select the perfect look for your big day. But, if you make yourself aware of some of the current bridal beauty trends, you may discover the perfect look for your own nuptials!

We believe that every bride should be confident in her appearance on her big day! That’s why, here at Pacific Hills Bistro, Banquet, & Catering, as an Orange County wedding venue, we have gathered a few of the current bridal beauty trends to inspire your own look. If you would like to discover what these trends are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Airbrushed to Perfection. Your wedding day is unlike any other. So, why should you use your routine makeup method? Consider using an airbrush makeup style for your big day to create a flawless bridal look. Airbrush makeup is wonderful for creating skin to appear poreless. However, if you would rather use standard foundation, know that matte products are best!
  • A Natural Appearance. Brides are currently choosing to highlight a natural appearance, and for good reason too! Choosing a natural style doesn’t mean that you have to go without makeup completely, but rather accentuate your features in a subtle way. A light foundation, and natural colors when it comes to eyeshadow and lipstick, are a wonderful way to highlight your natural beauty on your big day!
  • Defined Eyebrows. Eyebrows have become one of the most important details of every makeup look, as they help to frame the face and create a defined style. Microblading is a wonderful way to have your eyebrows highlighting a beautiful style. Or, consider waxing. Defined eyebrows are sure to be a lovely addition to your look!

It’s certainly of importance that every bride is happy with her appearance on her big day! These are just a few of the current bridal beauty trends that you should keep in mind for your own wedding.

Are you ready to highlight your own beauty on your big day within a wedding venue in Laguna Hills, California? If so, please contact us here at Pacific Hills Bistro, Banquet & Catering, as we would be thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of your celebration!

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