Friday, June 3, 2011

The Roosevelt in LA--Awesome Penthouse Suite!

We were thrilled to coordinate an event at the famous Hollywood Roosevelt this past weekend and what a venue it was!  One of the biggest treats was where I got a personal tour of the Suite that Vinny Chase from Entourage will be staying at. 

 The suite was 3000 square feet and three floors of pure opulence.   Famous notables such as Justin Beiber, Jay Z, Angelian Jolie and Brad Pitt are just some of the guests that have stayed there.  The room runs $5000 a night and the hotel manager told me that it is booked every Friday, Saturday and Sunday...WOW!! 

With regards to some rumors of what is going to happen on the final season of Entourage, someone dies, someone goes to jail and someone gets married. 

Check out the awesome pictures from the suite!

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