Saturday, April 30, 2011


Kawasaki Motors Corporation honors its employees who have been working for over 10 years at Kawasaki with their annual Shogun Event.  Every year the theme is something different and this year they chose a Mexican Fiesta. 

Themes always make events that much more interesting.  For this particular event the guests wore  Mexican sombreros with our staff joining in the fun by wearing multi colored ponchos and sombreros.

The event started with a cocktail hour where we served spicy firecracker burritos, cheese and beans cornucopias and a nacho station with our famous guacamole, 7 layer been dip and some spicy salsa.  The Baja steak was definitely a hit which was served during dinner.
In past years Kawakasaki's annual Shogun Event themes included mardi gras and a hawaiian theme.  Not only did the decor reflect the theme but the menu's as well.

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