Friday, March 2, 2012

How to budget for my wedding

This really is the first question that every couple will need to sit down and answer together. Once you have established a budget and know what you can afford you can then start planning for the big day.
With a cup of coffee or tea sit down and…
1.) Create for yourself a spreadsheet of expenses and itemize it. That way you know exactly how much you have budgeted for that particular item and how much you actually are spending.

2.) Know your guest count (this will determine your venue choice and narrow it down).

3.) Here are the big ticket items of most weddings (venue and catering, bridal attire, entertainment, florist/event design, & photographer)
Venue and Menu:
When searching for a venue, make sure that all of the costs are read through thoroughly. Make sure that if rentals of tables/chairs/linens etc are required for the venue that you have that all accounted for in your budget.
The following link is a good starting point when creating a budget for your wedding and reception.

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