Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clinton Foundation Fundraiser

Pacific Hills had the opportunity to put together a fundraising dinner event for President Clinton's Foundation.  The foundation itself runs at only 4.5% cost versus other foundations which run at 15% - 30% cost so 95.5% of the funds that are donated go straight to charity.  Please visit and read more about this great foundation.

The event took place at a private residence in Newport coast and logistics was a bit of a challenge due to the size of the pool and lack of space in the back of the house.  So we hired a company to sub-floor the pool area and put chocolate brown carpeting so that we had ample space for guests to enjoy themselves.  The color scheme was white, chocolate brown and yellow.  We wanted to have that wow factor but also wanted guests to make sure they were comfortable.  The decor was done by none other than

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