Friday, September 23, 2011

Wedding Colors Tip

 Can't pick a color for your wedding? Here are some ideas.
Some times brides have a hard time picking the right color for their reception. Here are some tips that can help you pick a color for your wedding.

1)There is no special color you must have at a wedding. Any color is a good color. Its all about how you put the colors together, your primary color and the accent colors you choose.

2)Your favorite color is good as any color, so regardless of when you are having your wedding, go with your favorite color if you cant choose any other color.  

3)Color of the season. Each season has certain colors that go nicely with the season. Oranges and browns are great for fall, white or ice blue for winter, bright pinks, and lavender for spring and summer. These colors are just some examples but you get the idea.

4)And you always have friends and family who would love to give you ideas on your wedding colors and décor so don’t forget them.

5)Wedding magazines such as always has pictures of weddings.  You can see different color combinations used in each wedding. 

In any case try to have fun picking colors and the décor for your reception.

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