Thursday, December 30, 2010

Words of Wisdom

When it comes to getting great deals for your wedding reception and finding the right vendor to fit your budget, we have a few suggestions, which will help you in great SAVINGS!  Most vendors have great discounts for events being held on Fridays, Saturday afternoons and Sundays.  So when you are getting a quote ask if there are any discounts available for those days.  This can save you anywhere from 5% - 20%!

Engagement Season
The holiday season seems to be a popular time to get engaged, and Thanksgiving is the kick off for many couples.  Venues and vendors get reserved very quickly after November.  Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day are also times that couples tend to get engaged.  So if you planning to get married in 2011, start looking at venues and other vendors for your reception.  Get a head start so you have plenty of time planning your wedding.  GOOOOOOOOOD LUCK!

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