Saturday, August 21, 2010

Richard Blade in the House

The most important thing to Marc and Sandra was to make sure that their guests had an amazing time at their wedding and we made sure that they got what they wanted!
Their special day began with a beautiful ceremony in our Laguna Ballroom.  The room was draped in white and our LED lights were color coordinated with their wedding colors.  The ceremony was performed by the very characteristic and funny Rev. Todd G. Rodarmel (  He entertained the guests with his humor yet also made sure that the ceremony was performed without a hitch.  
Friends and family were then treated to a phenomenal eight piece Mariachi Band and fully hosted can never go wrong with a hosted bar!
The ceremony was followed by the reception which was pumped up by none other than Richard Blade from KROQ on the turn tables (  We have been fortunate enough to have had Richard DJ at our venue a few times and he never fails to ROCK the party!  As a result, Marc and Sandra spent most of their evening on the dance floor partying with their guests. 
Check out their fun filled wedding slide show at  Slide show and photography was provided by Edna from


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