Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grand Grand Entrance!

Arun and Ashany both live in New York but since Ashany's family lives in So Cal, they decided to have their wedding reception in Orange County. They wanted a 5 STAR wedding and they went all out. We had a little over a year to plan this Indian reception. 
The look was more of a fusion feel with traditional Indian wedding colors such as gold being used for the wedding ceremony and a cool ice blue with plum and deep pinks for accents during the reception.  
Every wedding has a grand entrance but Arun decided to take this to a different level - arriving on an ELEPHANT during the Bharat. This is when the bride’s family receives the groom and his family before the ceremony begins. 3D lead the procession with the guest dancing to Bollywood songs and Arun on the ELEPHANT behind the crowd. He was so calm and cool (I would have been very nervous if I was on top a massive animal like an elephant).  
Since both ceremony and reception were held at Pacific Hills, we really wanted to create two different looks for the reception and the ceremony. 
We used champagne/gold satin linens for the ceremony with a simple lotus flower candle in the middle of each round table, with rose petals. The stage where the actual ceremony took place was covered with matching champagne fabric with floral topiaries hanging from the ceiling.  Ashany wanted a very open 3 dimensional feel for the mundap so we did not do a traditional Indian mundap. Back drop was done with a velvet lavender fabric and hanging crystals and strings of roses. For lunch a vegetarian South Indian buffet was set up.
The Ice blue color looked amazing in the lobby as well as the ballroom during the reception. To give the ballroom a complete different feel from the ceremony, we used 8’ tables from Signature Party in addition to round tables. All of the votives were covered with a plum colored ribbon and all the floating candles were painted plum as well. We brought in a white dance floor with a monogram of their names on it.

Their wedding cake was from Let Them Eat Cake by Christopher Garren in Newport Beach.  The design was extremely detailed and the taste was….amazing!!

In addition to the wedding cake the guest enjoyed an array French pasties and mini cakes for dessert.

Arun and Ashany had us take care of everything from the food to decorations as well recommending their DJ, photographer and videographer, and we really enjoyed working with them.
All the vendors including Sound Nation (, Global Photography (, and Robles Video ( did a great job making their night a memorable one.

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